My wife and I quit our jobs and decided to buy an RV (fifth wheel) and travel across the country. Our plan was to stay off the beaten path whenever possible. We did not want to pay to stay at expensive and crowded RV parks. Since we were traveling with Tess and Rockette, our two Rottweilers, most RV parks would not accept us anyway (supposedly for insurance/liability reasons). We wanted the freedom to pull over and camp anywhere without giving up the amenities we were accustomed to. Additionally, my wife was teaching Online and needed to access her classes on a daily basis. Therefore, we required a reliable supply of power for her laptop and the Internet satellite dish she relied upon. The solution; Solar RV panels, a properly sized battery bank and an inverter. This site is the culmination of what I learned and documents my install for others to learn from.  

Solar RV Panels

Solar Panels Mounted on the Roof of My RV.

I have broken this site up into four main sections. If you plan to install solar panels it is imperative that you read and take into consideration the three most important sections, “Solar RV Panels“, “All About Batteries” and “Estimating Power Consumption and Sizing Your RV Battery Bank“.  The fourth section, “Installing an Inverter in Your RV” is not required, however, if you plan to use the solar power you have captured and stored for your AC appliances, then you are going to need some way to convert the DC battery bank power to AC.  Therefore, an inverter becomes a critical part of the install. 

I hope you enjoy reading these articles and find them helpful as you plan for your install.  Good luck :-)

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